Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fat Tuesday

Gary and Grace, Linda and I, grabbed separate busses and made our way into Barra for an evening of Mardi Gras action. Our bus arrived first and once we gathered our two friends we walked down to the water taxi and crossed over to the Grand Bay.

Over at the docks we checked on John K's sailboat, enjoyed the cool breeze, and then returned to the beach at Barra.

There was a definite excitement in the air. The town was prepared for Fat Tuesday. Streets were blocked off and filled with carnival rides, the plaza was set with chairs, and the stage was electrified with lights and sound speakers. A loud evening lay ahead for Barra; we were glad we lived in Melaque.

Our first stop was Bananas for drinks and sunset. We sat and chatted while watching the sun go down. As soon as the sky was filled with color we heard the loud thumping of music coming from the street. The Mardi Gras parade was passing so we settled our check and went out to watch.

Like last year's parade, this one was a mish-mash of homemade floats and costumes. It is hard to explain exactly what each float represented. I don't think the people who put the floats together actually knew why they created what they created.

This year one float stuck out as the most un-politically correct float of all time. It was a float of cannibals in blackface with a very young lady as their captive. You make your own interpretations from there. Only in Mexico, is all I can say.

When the parade was over we walked through the plaza and past the kid's rides to dinner at Galeria de Arte. We've not been here before for a meal. We had a wonderful dinner which included a tasting of fine tequila. We chatted for quite awhile with the host, Robert, who obviously loves his passions of photography and tequila. Linda was very impressed and I think she has a new favorite tequila. 

After dinner we walked back to the main street in Barra and caught a taxi home. It was a nice night and a pleasure spending some time with Gary and Grace.

Not many pool players tonight!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Clicking Along

Sometimes things just click and an experience or an adventure can end up being super fun and relaxing. That was our trip to La Manzanilla yesterday.

At about 9:00 am we headed out and walked up to the Pemex station on the main highway where we met up with our friends Craig and Dayl. This was a new bus stop for Linda and myself. Dayl had suggested it and it turned out to be perfect.

The reason it worked out so well was that we got on an almost empty bus, got seats and then headed to San Patricio where we filled most all the empty seats.  This bus can be a bit crowded at times. This new bus stop gets you on board before the large flocks of gringos.

The ride over was pleasant and when we arrived we walked directly to Pedro's Tacos, grabbed a beach spot and settled in. We enjoyed a quick beverage and then Dayl, Craig and I walked over to the Cocodrillo tour area to look at the collection of gators.

Two years ago, Linda and I had walked the small boardwalk and checked out the crocodiles at the museum. It was nice, but in the past two years, they have expanded the boardwalk tremendously. I was pleasantly surprised!

We walked the boardwalk and took photos of some huge crocodiles. I don't know how many we saw but I know it was way more than fifteen; probably more in the range of forty or better. The walk took us into the mangroves where we were able to see birds of all kinds.  After about a quarter mile we crossed a swinging bridge and walked to the museum.

In this area, they had old crocs that had behavioral issues (escape artists, aggressive, etc) and holding pens full of baby crocs. There were at least five pens with sixteen or more babies in each. One pen had a combination of crocs and turtles.

A young man picked up a young croc and let us hold it for photos. Like I said I was impressed with all the creatures we were able to see.

Back at the beach, we met up with Leigh and Barry who had settled in and we spent the rest of the day eating and talking in the shade of the umbrellas at Pedro's. It was super relaxing and everyone enjoyed the little getaway.

Leigh and Barry packed everyone into their car for the return ride home; another welcome addition to the day.

I took quite a few pictures so please excuse the gallery below. Remember to click on some of the bird and croc shots and expand them to their full size, I think some are quite good.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Visiting Mangata

Morning comes early sometimes, especially when the night is hot and humid. Linda called me out of bed and we got ready early. Today we scheduled to walk to Barra de Navidad and grab a water taxi over to the Grand Bay where John Karpenko has left his sailboat, Mangata, moored for a few weeks. John is up in the state's skiing and will return to the sun and heat, but until then we said we would check on the boat.

We walked the beach to Barra and ate breakfast at a nice place called Ramon's. Once we cooled off we went down to the lagoon and hired a water taxi to take us to the docks at the Grand Bay. That whole endeavor cost us 60 pesos, but that includes a return trip.

We checked on Mangata and everything was fine. No mold growth, odd smells or squatters. We took photos to post for John.

After the checkup we walked the Grand Bay grounds, of course, it was beautiful. The taxi arrived and we hurried back to Barra where we caught a bus back to San Patricio.

I sent this photo to John and said we were a bit late.

Mangata secure on the G dock.

The Grand Bay

Linda, just to the left of the taxi dock.